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Cleaning Marble, Tile, Stone and Grout since 1945

Are your Marble surfaces in your place of work or business looking dull, stained or scratched? Worry not! We can restore your Marble surfaces to their original beauty and sheen.

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Our diamond polishing technology can easily restore the Marble, Stone and Tile providing a smooth, even, and high-gloss finish with the use of natural polishing methods. We do not use waxes as most others do.

We have been responsible for restoring some of the most beautiful natural Marble, Stone and Tile floors and surfaces for over 65 years.

We pride ourselves on our experience, expertise and quality of work that makes us a leading force in the field of Marble, Stone and Tile restoration. Using our high standards of craftsmanship and restoration skills, we can restore your natural Marble surfaces back to its original and beautiful appearance it once had when it was originally installed.

We are committed to utilizing the most suitable products and latest advances in technology both at home and from abroad to ensure your natural Marble, Stone and Tile is treated in the most effective and efficient way. We also make sure all our staff undergo continuous training to keep them updated on current techniques and innovations.

We offer a full support and consultancy service to facilities managers, cleaning companies, architects, surveyors, building contractors, hoteliers, interior designers, shop fitters and landscape designers. We are also equally at home working within residential properties.


Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Brite Stone Cleaning & Marble Polishing is fully licensed, bonded and insured.


Professional Staff

Our technicians are trained, certified and uniformed.



We use only the latest machinery and methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can deep scratches be removed from my marble?

Yes. we diamond polish to remove the scratches and restore it to it’s original look.

Is natural stone hard to maintain?

Somewhat. Natural stone requires sealing at least once per year due to its porous nature, and should be cleaned with a pH balanced cleaner regularly. Natural stone is unparalleled in look and feeling, and as a result many people put up with the added maintenance to enjoy the added ambiance.

Can grout color be changed?

Yes, we can change the color while sealing without replacing the grout.

Can you fill the holes in my travertine?

Yes, we have a special filler for travertine holes and voids.

Marble Stone and Tile Care

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