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Tavertine Cleaning & Polishing

Whether your in need of:

  • Cleaning
  • Filling a chip or crack
  • Polishing out a scratch or dull spot
  • Seeking to convert an “open” travertine to a “filled” easy to clean travertine

Brite Marble Stone and Tile Restoration can deliver the goods.

Chips can be color matched with our buff epoxy repair compounds. Once filled and set these compounds can be honed smooth and polished to match the stone finish.

Scratches and dull spots are diamond honed and then polished to blend with the natural stone finish.

Cleaning travertine is our specialty. whether “open” or “filled” Brite brings the right techniques to bear to deliver a clean, polished beautiful surface.

Spots, etches and light scratches can be quickly cured with Brite’s travertine polishing techniques. Heavy scratches? No problem. A little honing once again you can have a scratch free surface finished to your taste whether matte, semi-gloss or gloss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can deep scratches be removed from my marble?

Yes. we diamond polish to remove the scratches and restore it to it’s original look.

Is natural stone hard to maintain?

Somewhat. Natural stone requires sealing at least once per year due to its porous nature, and should be cleaned with a pH balanced cleaner regularly. Natural stone is unparalleled in look and feeling, and as a result many people put up with the added maintenance to enjoy the added ambiance.

Can grout color be changed?

Yes, we can change the color while sealing without replacing the grout.

Can you fill the holes in my travertine?

Yes, we have a special filler for travertine holes and voids.

Marble Stone and Tile Care

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