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The Pros and Cons of Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo or Not To Terrazzo, that is the question!

Terrazzo is traditionally made by mixing marble chips on the surface of concrete and then using an epoxy or polishing until it is smooth and shiny. You can buy existing terrazzo in the form of a tile with variations of sizes and shapes. Terrazzo is often used in some public buildings because of how long-lasting and durable it can be, as a bonus it also can be easily refinished over and over.

The downside to Terrazzo is that it does not come with a high level of anti-slip. This means it can cause some falls and slipping, so it may not be good a good flooring choice if you have children running around the house. The slippage becomes increased when the surface is wet. It’s important that it is cleaned frequently and anti-slip additives are applied.

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