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The choice to have a polished concrete floor holds many benefits for the owner, but usually the most important benefit is what it costs to maintain and the longevity of the floor. Most polished concrete floors save an owner an average of over a $1 per square foot per year in maintenance. This cost savings is realized in less wear and tear on cleaning equipment, costly chemicals, and periodic patching/replacement of traditional flooring finishes.

Lastly, polished concrete is a permanent finish; the owner realizes the cost savings of a polished concrete floor when the floor is at an age that traditional floor finishes would have to be replaced.


If you have a lot of chips, cracks, scratches, then we can grind them out and give it that new concrete look!


With our anti-slip polish technology, we can make your dull flooring shine!


For a budget friendly solution, we can simply add some new layers!


Toppings are an easy affordable solution to giving your existing concrete flooring a new look.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coating is a great solution if your floor is taking a constant beating, with tons of design variations.


Concrete sealing is a great solution to keep your existing concrete resistant to water and chemicals.

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