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Building restoration and cleaning is high in demand at the moment, especially from commercial premises such as hotels and banks. We have restored many exterior buildings in the Los Angeles and South Bay areas.

Limestone – Cleaning limestone and caring for limestone floors does not have to be complicated. However, care should be taken with stones like limestone and also marble.’
Limestone is generally speaking as relatively soft stone compared with say granite or even marble. As a result consideration should be given to wear prevention. Perhaps even more important when cleaning limestone is an understanding of the nature of the stone. Limestone is a calcium-based stone and as a result is very sensitive to acids, when choosing Brite you get our over 50 years of experience in cleaning this type of stone the Best possible way.

Slate – A metamorphic stone that originally formed from clay, sedimentary rock shale and sometimes quartz. Slate occurs in a variety of colors and can be found in many shades of gray from pale to dark and may also be purple, green or cyan. We can Strip, Clean and Seal with Gloss or Matted Natural look.

Slate floors are extremely durable, and they are easy to care for in comparison to many other flooring materials. The darkness and texture of the natural stone hides dirt well, so even when it’s a little grimy, it’s hard to tell. With a cleaning from Brite you floors will look new and last for years to come.

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