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4 Facts to Know When Sealing Nature Stone

Natural stone can wear and fade over time. Some cleanings over time can fade the color leaving it dull. There are many factors to Sealing natural stone, so to help you can work with the #1 Stone Cleaning Service for Los Angeles and Orange County. We will go over all the products and services you need to enhance the look of your existing natural stone and provide a free estimate for your restoration. Our experts can help pick out the right sealant and professionally apply it. Keep reading to check out four facts to know when sealing natural stone sealant.

1. Natural Stone Type

Most natural stone sold today are coated in resin at the factor prior to being sold. This enhances their strength allowing more natural stone to survive the journey from factory to project. Each stone is unique and varies in absorption. For example, granite will absorb more sealer than a polished marble. Be sure to monitor the period of time the sealer is applied.

2. Stone Finish Matters

Absorption matters, and in this case the variations of stones come with a variation of finishes which adds to the complexity. If the surface has been polished or smoothed, then the absorption will be decreased. Be sure to do a proper absorption test to determine the right sealant.

3. Stone Location

Every location has it’s own methods for application of the sealer. Consider that a wall vs a kitchen floor are 2 variations of application. These also have variations of moisture levels over a period of time as a wall will be among the elements and can wear down faster. Dripping is also a factor when sealing for example a wall, as be sure to use the appropriate amounts of sealer. Meanwhile your kitchen floor natural stone tile will need some level of anti-slip sealant.

4. Maintain the Stone

The last thing to consider is that over time you will want to maintain your stone as exposing it to harsh chemicals over a period of time will fade your stone and could effect the strength of the stone. Cleaning should be done every 6-12 months for best results depending on the stone and location. If you have questions or would like to schedule a cleaning, be sure to contact us!